A weblog (which is sometimes referred to as a blog) is like keeping an electronic diary with a few 'added extras'. People reading your blog can leave comments on blog posts effectively turning a blog into a community conversation. A weblog can be a very useful tool in keeping members of your community and organisations up to date with news and events and can have a more informal tone than a traditional website.

To understand more about the 'weblog' tool offered by essexinfo.net and to see how to get started please go to the helpsheets. 

Helpsheet 10. Creating a Weblog

For a more general introduction to 'blogging for councillors' there is some very useful information on the IDeA website.

IDeA Knowledge - Councillor Websites

Alternatively go to the ReadMyDay project site. ReadMyDay is a national project sponsored by the National eDemocracy Project aimed at civic leaders who want to explore blogs for the benefit of their constituents The aim of this project is to benefit potential bloggers by providing the ‘know how’ and coaching on how to do this effectively from experienced public sector bloggers.

Readmyday project


15:23, 03 Jul 2006 by Jo Morris


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