You will see that you already have a homepage built from information provided through the registration process.

Applications available for use

To reach the applications select either Manage Website or Edit this page - Content Management - Applications. By enabling the applications as shown in this section you can add pages to your website using a pre-set format such as an events calendar, a notice board or a discussion forum. These pages are all optional.

If you would like to add additional pages and content for your website you can do this by either:

  • Enabling and editing Applications, or
  • Creating more customised pages

The application pages available are:

Job Listings  Add job listings to your web site so that subscribers can then apply for vacancies

Classified Ads  Add classified adverts that subscribers to your web site can then answer

Feeds  Bring up to date information to your website using data feeds from other sites

Events Calendar  Publicise your events by adding them to a calendar

Discussions  Set up a discussion forum about relevant topics with subscribers to your web site

Noticeboard  Add different types of notices and links to other websites

Weblog  An online diary for you to communicate with users

Surveys  Conduct surveys about relevant topics with users

Our Files  Add other relevant files to your web site

Photo Album  Add photos to your web site

Useful Links Add useful links to your web site

FAQs  Answer common questions that may arise when visitors use your web site


To enable (or ‘turn on') any of these pages:

  • Go to either Manage Website or Edit this page -Content Management - Applications
  • A list of applications will appear. Click Enable beside the application/s you would like to have on your site
  • The page should then appear on the left hand navigational menu
  • By clicking on Rename you can change the name of any of your pages

In the example below, the enabled pages have the extra options of Permissions, Rename plus Manage this Application and now  the permissions can be changed, any of the enabled pages re-named as well as create content on your application.


Standard Pages










Editing and managing each of these pages is described in detail under the relevant helpsheet.


Applications and Permissions

You can grant users or other administrators permissions to make changes to your applications. By setting permissions for each page, you can choose which members of your audience are allowed to add and edit content on your site.


To change the permissions on altering your website:


  • Go to Edit this page and select Applications
  • A list will appear. Click on the word Permissions (this will only be available for applications you have already enabled)
  • Allow members, administrators or the general public degrees of access to your website (Read, Edit, Admin)


Applications' permissions


You can reach the Help Desk at