If you would like to conduct a survey of members of your site or members of the public on a particular topic you can do so using the survey function.

To enable the Survey Application:

  • From your Home page click Edit this page
  • Choose Content Management >Applications tab
  • Beside Surveys in the list click Enable
  • On the next page you can choose a URL (web address) for your survey or leave as the default
  • Click OK
  • You are taken back to the Applications list where you can see that Surveys has a Yes under the Enabled column and also four options:  Disable, Permissions, Rename and Manage this Application

Rename option

  • To rename your Survey Application click Rename
  • Type a new name in the New Name box
  • Click OK
  • Click Confirm and this will take you back to the Applications list where you will see your new name

Now that the Survey Application has been set up you can now start creating your surveys.

To create a survey

  • Click Add Survey
  • Give your survey a name in the Survey Name field
  • In the Description field type in the information the people taking the survey need to know
  • Usually you wouldn’t allow people to see the survey until you were ready to launch so ensure the Enabled check box is unchecked
  • To enable it later see instructions below.
  • If you wish the public to take part tick the box underneath Public.  If you wish only Registered Members to respond then leave blank.
  • Click OK
  • You are taken to a page with 4 tabs. 

Setting up (Survey Settings tab)

This helps you shape the survey purpose and scope.  If you change your mind about whether to include the public you get a second chance here.

  • Click Edit
  • Tick the boxes beside the options you want for your survey
  • Click OK

Creating questions (Questions tab)

The different options available allow you to build a flexible and comprehensive survey.

  • Choose the Questions tab
  • Click the pink Add Question button
  • In the Question field enter your question
  • From the drop down choose the type of question it is - for example: whether One Line AnswerEssay Answer (more detailed) or Multiple Choice answers
  • Click the Yes or No radio button depending on whether a response is mandatory.
  • Click OK
  • Choose the Size of the answer from the Textbox Size drop down – whether Small, Medium or Large – if the answer is likely to be more than one word Small will not be enough
  • Click OK
  • You can now see your question and you have the options to Edit, Copy, or Delete and you can also add another question from here by clicking either Add or Add a question
  • Repeat the process for subsequent questions. 

Viewing the results (Responses tab)

Results can be seen as a Summary, or viewed By User, CSV file (with anonymous answers) or a CSV file (without anonymous answers) and you can import responses from a CSV file stored elsewhere.

Communications (Email and Notifications tab)


  • To be advised when responses have been received tick the box under Notify Me
  • Select from the Interval drop down how often you are notified
  • Click OK

Email users about this survey

You have the facility to send bulk emails to respondents.

  • Choose Send bulk email
  • You can edit the Message Subject field or keep the default
  • Complete the Enter Message field 
  • Click OK
  • To promote your survey you can contact the members of your site
  • Click Send authenticated link
  • Fill in the Message Subject field
  • You can edit the field Enter Message or keep the default.  The link to the survey is automatically supplied so don’t delete {link} in the text.

Enabling and disabling surveys

To enable a survey:

  • From your Home page click Edit this page
  • Click the Applications tab
  • In the Survey Administration page under Actions choose the Edit icon (first one in row) beside the survey you wish to enable - (hover the cursor over the icons to see their function in the popup)
  • Click Edit
  • Tick the box beside Enabled
  • Click OK

To disable a survey:

A survey can be disabled (ie withdrawn from public view) by doing the following.  This action is reversible unlike deleting a survey.

  • From Home page click Edit this page
  • Click Applications tab
  • In the Survey Administration page under Actions choose the Edit icon (first one in row) beside the survey you wish to disable
  • Click Edit
  • Untick the box beside Enabled
  • Click OK

If you wish to delete one see instructions below. 

Other actions available are:

Preview Survey – the second icon in the row

  • Follow the Preview icon to reach preview page
  • If you are satisfied or you wish to amend it choose either the orange Back link or click OK
  • You reach the Survey Settings tab (first of four which are explained above.) in the Application administration page
  • If you wish to change anything choose the appropriate tab and follow instructions above.
  • If there is nothing more to do for now follow the link to your Home page at the top

Copy Survey – the third icon in the row

To save time if you want to conduct another similar survey use this action to copy a previous survey as a basis for the new one.  Responses are not copied over.

  • Click the Copy icon
  • Rename the survey
  • Click OK – the copied survey has appeared in the list
  • Click the Edit icon to make any necessary amendments.
  • You may need to add new section/s
  • In Questions tab click Add new section at the bottom of the page
  • Fill in the required fields and then choose its position from the drop down at the bottom
  • Click OK

The questions need to be moved to the newly created section/s for this survey.
To do this follow these instructions:

  • Click Edit under the first question
  • Make any necessary changes
  • Move the question to the appropriate section (if there is one) or leave as the default in the Move to section drop down.
  • Click OK
  • Repeat the process – you have the option to add or delete a question if appropriate.