If you have an event that you want to put on the website, you can use the Events calendar page to show when and where it takes place.

Adding an Events Calendar

  • From the Home page click Edit This Page
  • Choose the Applications tab
  • Beside Events Calendar click Enable
  • Type a new name for this Application into the text box if you wish - the default is calendar
  • Click OK
  • You are now back in the Applications page
  • You have the options to Rename, alter the Permissions or use Events Calendar by choosing Manage this Application.

To find out more about generally managing Applications or altering the Permissions please see Adding Applications and Users & Permissions respectively.

  • Click Add an event
  • Add the Title of the event
  • Add a day and month using the drop down boxes and a year by typing it in
  • Choose whether it is an all day event or check Use hours below to manually select the times from the drop down boxes
  • Add information about the event in the Description box
  • If the event lasts more than one day, straddles both sides of midnight – eg New Year celebrations - or is a recurring event - choose the Yes radio button when it asks you to repeat, if it is a one day event click No (more information about repeated events can be found in the section Repeating Events)
  • Underneath the Contact heading add a Name, Email Address and Phone Number. These details are not required so add as little or as much information here as you wish
  • Add a Location
  • If you have a map of the location you can enter the URL (web address). If you do not have a map but have entered a postcode the system will generate a link to Multimap, which will display a map
  • Add the cost, if any
  • Click OK

Repeating Events

  • After you click OK you reach the page where you can specify the repeating event’s details
  • You can choose various options in specifying the duration and frequency
  • You can choose to edit the occurrence you have selected, or all occurrences
  • Click OK


  • Click the event title shown on the right side of the events page
  • Click Edit, shown underneath the event details
  • This will take you back to the original form where you added the event
  • Make any changes and click OK
  • You can also edit repeating events by choosing to edit one occurrence or all of them.


  • Click the event title of your shown on the right side of the events page
  • Click Delete shown underneath the event details
  • It will ask you whether you are sure you want to delete the event. Click Yes, delete it
  • You will then be taken back to the events page

Deleting recurring events

  • Click the recurrence you wish to remove
  • Click Delete
  • Choose either Delete only this instance or Delete all occurrences

Adding events to Calendar applications – (eg Microsoft Outlook / iCal)

  • If you have Microsoft Outlook or iCal on your computer, you can add your event to your calendar
  • Click the title of your event shown on the right side of the events page
  • Click Add this event to a calendar application on your computer, shown underneath the event details and the application will appear
  • For Microsoft Outlook:- you may see a dialog box asking you if you want to open or save this file – choose Open)
  • Add the information then click Save and Close
  • The event will now appear in your Outlook calendar
  • Again you can add all or just one occurrence of a repeating event

Note: for other calendar applications such as iCal on Apple follow the onscreen instructions

You can reach the Help Desk at support@essexinfo.net