The Classified Advert app can be used to post and reply to adverts buying and selling items or services.

Adding a classified advert

  • From Homepage
  • Click  - Edit This Page
  • Click  - Applications
  • Click  - Enabled beside Classified  Ads
  • Click -  OK (Classified Ads now enabled)
  • Select the Classifieds page from the left hand navigational menu
  • Click - Add a classified Fill in the details of your ad
  • Click - Title Short title only required
  • Description Fuller information allowed
  • Type Type of advert  from drop down list
  • To add an image click Browse button, choose an image and click Open
  • If you have added an image enter alternative text in the box provided (this is descriptive text to aid the partially sighted and is displayed when you hover over the image)
  • Advertisement Start date for classified ad to appear on website
  • Advertisement End Date - Cut off date for your classified ad to appear on your website
  • Click Create to post Classified Ad to your website

Editing classified adverts

  • Click  - Classified Page
  • Click -  More Information under the advert on the classified page
  • Click -  Edit this item underneath respond to this Classified
  • This will take you to the original form where you added the advert
  • To make any changes as required   Click  - Edit
  • Click – Refresh or  press F5 on the function keys

Deleting classified adverts:

  • From Homepage
  • Click - Classified Adverts
  • Click - Managed Classifieds
  • Click - Select
  • Check the box in the column for the classified ad you would like to delete
  • Under Do the following to the items that have been ticked in the select column:-

Archive Now
Archive as of next week
Archive as of next month

  • Delete
  • Go Click to perform required action
  • Click – Refresh or  press F5 on the function keys

Administrators, members and subscribers can respond to classified ads and as the administrator you need to manage these responses.

Managing responses to classified adverts

  • As the administrator, you can see all the latest Reponses by clicking on the classified ad
  • When you receive a satisfactory response click the name of the person sending the response. You can then send a confirmation email to the respondent
  • To stop further responses to the advert Archive it by selecting this option from the same drop down menu you use to delete an advert, see ‘Deleting classified adverts’ above

Note: the member or subscriber can only view their response, whilst the administrator can view all responses.  Users can only make one response to each classified advertisement.  However, by clicking the classified advert and clicking ‘View details’ and selecting ‘Edit’, users can update and edit their response as many times as they wish.


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