The Weblog and Noticeboard services are both created in the same way.

A Noticeboard is an item of content which is “date-stamped” and appears in a list arranged by date. You can view noticeboard items by clicking on the calendar date you are interested in on the Noticeboard page.
A Weblog is like an online diary where you can record your ideas and thoughts and communicate them to users.
The steps below are based on using the Weblog service. Follow the same steps to develop the Noticeboard page.

Enabling the Weblog

  • Log into your site and from the Home page click Edit This Page
  • Choose the Applications tab
  • Click Enable beside Weblog
  • Tick the box under the Navigation column for it to display in the side menu
  • You can either click Manage this Application in the administration side or, if returning later, select Weblog from the navigation bar in the public side to begin developing it

Adding a Weblog

  • Click Add Weblog Entry from either the public or administration pages (as above)
  • Click Add Weblog Entry.
  • Enter a title for your entry.
  • If your entry is related to a web page, then you can add the address of that page to the Title URL. Include the http:// part
  • Add the main text of your weblog entry into the Content box
  • Enter the date for the weblog using the correct format which is shown over the Entry date field or you can press the button Set to now if you have updated the entry and wish to change the publication date
  • You can either publish it immediately or save it as a draft. Publishing the entry will add it to your website for public view.  You can store it by selecting Draft from the dropdown so you can edit it further and publish it later
  • Click OK

Note:  Once published the only way to hide it is to click Unpublish - see Editing and deleting entries below.

Editing and deleleting Weblog entries

If you are logged in as the administrator, you can manage any entries by finding them on the weblog page and using the buttons Edit and Delete underneath the entry. You can also see unpublished items in the list (though members of the public will not). Click Publish to make the entry visible to everyone. Click Unpublish to hide a post from the public.

Anyone with the Edit Permission ticked in the Application can add new entries, and they can also edit, publish and delete their own entries but not those of other people.  For more information regarding Permissions see Help Sheet 22 Users & Permissions

Other features

The Archive

The most recent entries are shown on the front page of the weblog. Older entries disappear off the bottom, but can always be found again by using the calendar icon (widget) on the right of the screen. Simply select the month or day that you wish to view, and the relevant entries will be displayed.

Registered users can sign up for an email notification when an entry is published. Click the link request email notification under Notifications on the right hand side underneath Archive on the front page of Weblogs or Noticeboard 
You can stop receiving notifications by clicking Unsubscribe in the Notifications section of either Weblog or Noticeboard.


Members of your site can comment on entries. To do this go to the entry by clicking the title, and then click the Add comment button.
Administrators can edit or delete comments if they are unsuitable.

Advanced Weblog features

For more advanced techniques click Manage this Application beside either Weblog or Noticeboard to see the list of options.

You can reach the Help Desk at