The FAQ application can be used to show some of the more common questions with answers your users may have about your website or organisation. FAQs are structured into headings to make the questions easier to find.

Adding an FAQ

  • From the Home page click Edit This Page then choose the Applications tab
  • Click Enable beside FAQ
  • Click Manage this Application
  • Click Add a new FAQ
  • Enter the title of your FAQ into the FAQ Name field (e.g. Using this website)
  • Select whether you want each Q&A within the FAQ heading on the same or a new page and click OK
  • To add a new Q&A (ie questions for your FAQ): select Add a new Q&A and enter your question and answer
  • Click OK
  • You will be shown your question on the administration page.
  • To view your question as a user would see it select FAQ from the navigation menu and follow the FAQ heading link

Editing an FAQ

  • From your Home page click Edit This Page then choose the Applications tab
  • Click Manage this Application beside FAQ 
  • Click the name of the FAQ you wish to amend in the administration page
  • To change its name: click the Edit button, make any changes then click OK
  • If you do not wish the FAQ to appear you can uncheck it in the Enabled column in the FAQ administration page - to make it reappear recheck the box
  • If you wish to delete an entire FAQ click the Trash can icon in the administration page

Managing Q&As

There are various facilities in addition to edit and delete available to help you manage your Q&As 

insert after will allow you to add another Q&A
swap with next will move the question down one in the list - this appears on all the Q&As except the last one listed

You can reach the Help Desk at