If you have vacancies or volunteer positions within your organisation you can advertise them on your website. Applicants can reply to the advertised post and send you their CV via your website. They have to be registered with essexinfo.net to use this facility.

Adding a job advert

  • From the Home page click Edit This Page then Applications
  • Click Enable beside Jobs Listings in the list
  • Click Manage This Application
  • Click Add a Job underneath the heading Administration
  • Create a Title and add a Description for your entry
  • Choose the type of job you are posting (Full Time, Part Time, Temporary/Contract) and the Category using the drop down menu
  • Select the Release Date and Application deadline from the drop down boxes for the job listing to appear on your website
  • Click Add
  • You will then be taken to a page where you will see the position displayed with its status - default is Published - if the start date for the advertisement is the same day you created the advert

Editing a job advertisement

  • From the job listings page click Manage Jobs and check the box next to the title of the job
  • Click Edit
  • This will take you to your original form where you can make any changes. When you are finished click Edit

Archiving jobs

  • From Jobs Listings in the side menu choose Manage Jobs
  • Check the box under the Select column for the position you wish to remove
  • Choose one of the options from the drop down box (Archive Now, Archive as of Next Week, Archive as of Next Month or Delete)
  • Click Go
  • If you selected Archive Now view the entry by choosing Archived or All.  If you selected one of the other options the advertisement will be archived at the appropriate time

Deleting jobs

  • Check the box in the Select column against the job advert to be deleted
  • Choose Delete from the drop down menu
  • Click Go
  • The entry will have been removed and is not recoverable.

Managing responses

Registered members can respond to job applications and as the Administrator you can manage the responses.  Applicants can upload their CV from the application form, edit their application and also add files, pictures and weblinks.

  • As Administrator, you can see the latest responses by choosing the Job Listing page from where you can download the CVs for review
  • To respond to an application click the name of the applicant to reach their email address link which opens an email window for your reply.
  • To stop further responses to the advertisement either Archive or Delete the job

Note: applicants can only view their application, whilst the administrator can see them all.  Those interested can make one application per job. However, by clicking the vacancy, then View details  and selecting Edit, candidates can update, add files, pictures and weblinks as often as they wish while the advertised vacancy is current.


You can reach the Help Desk at support@essexinfo.net