Through the Our Files page you can share all your documentation, ranging from minutes of meetings, agendas, leaflets, publication and forms. This allows your visitors to download a copy from your website which will save you time and money, plus give them what they are looking for immediately.

You can create folders in which to organise your more confidential files available to members of your site. You can also add files and website addresses (URLs) to your folders as well as adding folders within folders. This will make it easier and quicker for your members to find what they are looking for e.g. fact sheets, leaflets, agendas and minutes in the same way members of the public can view the general documents you post on your site.

  • Enable the ‘Our Files' page from the ‘Manage Website' and ‘Use standard pages' menu
  • Select the ‘Our Files' page from the navigation bar
  • Click ‘Permissions'
  • Click ‘Do not inherit from Our Files' to ensure security. Select who you like to view, create or write Our Files using the check boxes.
  • Click ‘Confirm'

To add a new folder

  • Select ‘Our Files' page from the navigation bar
  • Click ‘Add a folder
  • Add a title and a description of your folder
  • Click ‘OK'
  • You will then be taken back to the new folder page

Adding a file

  • Click: ‘Add a file'
  • Look for the file on your computer by clicking ‘Browse', select your file and
  • Click ‘Open'. Add a title and description of your file (if it is a large file it may take a few minutes to upload - try to keep files as small as possible as it slows the process for users too)
  • Click ‘OK'
  • You will then be taken back to your current folder page if you have made folders to contain your documents or to ‘Our Files' if not.

Adding a website address

  • Click ‘Add a website address'
  • Fill in the website address in the URL box and add a title and description for the website address
  • Click ‘Create'
  • You will then be taken back to the folder you have created or ‘Our Files' page

Moving, copying or deleting a folder/file/website address

  • Go to the folder/file/website address you wish to edit and check the box by its name
  • You have the options to move or copy it to another folder or delete it. Please note you cannot copy the same file into the same folder
  • Delete your item by selecting it first then choose ‘Delete'. Please note you cannot delete a folder if you have saved other files, folders and website addresses within that folder. You will have to either delete the folder content or move them elsewhere first

Editing your website details

  • Click ‘Properties' next to the weblink
  • Click ‘Edit'
  • Make any changes in the form
  • Click ‘OK'


You can upload revisions, rename, copy, move and delete files and set permissions for these files or delete a version

  • Click ‘Properties' next to the file you wish to amend
  • Choose one of the options mentioned above
  • Follow the instructions on screen
  • To edit ‘Permissions' for a file follow the instructions for enabling ‘Our Files'

Adding comments

You can allow your users to add comments to the ‘Our files' page

  • To allow comments select ‘Accept comments here' at the very bottom. Once comments are allowed an ‘Add a comment' link will be displayed on the page
  • To stop allowing comments select ‘Stop comments here' where the previous ‘Accept comments' link was
  • To remove a comment click ‘view details' and then ‘reject this revision'

You can reach the Help Desk at