The Private Area section of your website allows you to create a site within your website which only members of your organisation can access.  There can only be one Private Area application and once created it is enabled and disabled like other Applications. 

It is much like the main part of your website, you can create pages, upload images, add documents and use Application facilities eg Photo Album, Weblog, Discussions.

To enable Private Area for the first time

  • Log into
  • From your Home page click Edit this page
  • Choose Applications
  • Click the small Add Private Area button at the top of the Applications list
  • There is a field giving you the opportunity to change the name if you wish to
  • Click OK
  • There is a Confirmation request - are you sure you want to create the private area ‘Private Area’*  (*or the name you have given it) 
  • Click Create
  • You should see your Private Area in site map menu on the left hand side
  • Return to your Home page
  • You may need to refresh your site to see your new Private Area in side menu
  • Click Private Area
  • From here you can click Edit this page as you would on the main site
  • Add a link to main site eg Back to main site - Link to use: site name
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save and Publish
  • Return to the Private Area Home page and refresh if necessary (F5 or refresh/reload icon in browser)
  • Test your link

Note: - see Help Sheet #5 section entitled Insert a link to a webpage if you are unsure how to add links


When you create this area you need to add members to your Private Area so that they can view or edit the pages if they are not covered by the default categories of user able to do this.

To view the overall default settings for the Private Area users:

  • Log in from your main site Home page
  • Click Private Area in the side menu (or its new name)
  • Click Edit this page
  • Choose Users & Permissions > Permissions & Sharing to see the default settings as follows:
  • Administrators are also Private Area Administrators allowing them to manage Users & Permissions
  • Private Area Members can Read and/or Edit pages in the site
  • Registered Users and the Public cannot either view (Read) or Edit these pages

To refine access

  • From main Home page click Private Area in the side menu
  • Click Edit this page
  • Click Users & Permissions>Permissions & Sharing
  • You can now amend the permissions to refine access for different types of user by checking or unchecking boxes under Read, Edit or Admin
  • Click Confirm

Inviting people to be a member of your Private Area 

  • You need to invite people to become members of your Private Area if they don't automatically gain access – for example a Registered User
  • Log into your site and then enter the Private Area from the side menu
  • Click Edit this page
  • Choose Users & Permissions > Members
  • Click Invite
  • You are taken to a page where you can enter their email
  • Click OK
  • If they are already a registered user they will be immediately added to your Private Area members list.
  • If not they will be sent an invitation email to register.  Once they have they will be added to the list of members 

Giving individual users specific access rights

  • If you are logged in already then
  • From the Private Area in the side menu click Edit this page
  • Click Users & Permissions > Permissions & Sharing
  • Click Add User
  • Check the box beside the chosen user
  • Click Add users (or just click Add beside the chosen user
  • The new user has automatic rights to view the site. 
  • You can now enable them to edit this area by checking the box under the Edit column
  • Click Confirm

Easiest way to make them an administrator…

  • Log into your site
  • Enter your Private Area from the Navigation Menu
  • Click Edit this page
  • Go to Users & Permissions>Members
  • Click Make administrator
  • If the Member leaves you can remove them by clicking Remove
  • However, they will still be in the list of Users if you added them individually
  • To remove them go to Users & Permissions>Permissions & Sharing
  • Uncheck the boxes beside their name
  • Click Confirm
  • Their name now disappears

Removing your Private Area

  • From your Home page click Edit this page
  • Choose Applications
  • Click Disable beside Private Area
  • If it’s needed again you can follow the procedure above and click Enable

Note: There can only be one Private Area application and once created the button Add Private Area disappears.  Once created it is enabled and disabled like the other Applications.

Managing your Private Area

This is managed exactly like the main site, so creating pages and adding Applications is done in the same way.

You can reach the Help Desk at