RSS (RDF Site Summary - formerly called Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication) or web feeds can be used to provide up-to-date information on your site from other websites.  

A website (for example, the BBC) can make ‘available' some of its content, such as news headlines or stories. You as a user can subscribe to that feed and display its content on your website.

For more detail on feeds see the BBC website ( and scroll down to the bottom of the page to follow the link from the RSS icon underneath Services

You can structure this page into subjects (or aggregators) and then subscribe to feeds within those subjects.

Enabling the Feeds Application

  • Log in
  • From the Home page click Edit This Page > Applications tab
  • Click Enable beside Feeds
  • You can now see various options:  Permissions, Rename and Manage this Application
  • For more about Permissions in general see Help Sheet 22 Users and Permissions and for managing them in Applications see Help Sheet 3 Adding Applications
  • The Rename option allows you to rename this Application

Adding a Feed (Subject)

  • Click Manage This Application beside your Feeds Application in the list
  • Click Create New Subject
  • Enter the title of your RSS Feed in the Name field, which is mandatory
  • You have the option to enter a fuller explanation in the Description field
  • Click OK
  • You reach a page with two tabs and you can change the name of a Feed from the Subject Settings tab if you wish.
  • Select the Subscriptions tab
  • Enter the full URL (web address) of the Subscription (Feed) - is include http://
  • Click Add
  • You will see your new Subscription in the list
  • You can now add more, unsubscribe to any or return to your Home page
  • To view the latest news from your RSS Feeds find Feeds (or whatever name you've given the Application) in the side Navigation Menu.  You are taken to a page of links to your feeds


Managing your Feeds (Subscriptions)

  • From your Home page find Feeds (or your chosen name for it)  choose Feeds from the side Navigation Menu
  • Click Manage Feeds to reach the Manage Subject page you were in when you created your first RSS Feed
  • In the Subject Settings tab you can amend the name and in the Subscriptions tab you can either add another Subscription as above or remove any you no longer wish to keep by ticking the box beside the name
  • Click Unsubscribe
  • It will disappear


You can reach the Help Desk at