This section will show you how to access, understand and save your web sites statistics.

Accessing the Statistics page

To access your statistics page:

  • From your home page click Edit This Page
  • Then select Reports tab
  • This will give you a breakdown of the for the current month

Understanding the Statistics

Each web site contains its own set of detailed statistics which can show you how many visitors there are to your site has and where they are from


  • Unique Visitors – This is the number unique single visitors you’ve had to your to website
  • Number of Visits – This is the number of visits that your site has received. Underneath it also gives you the average number of visits your site receives per visitor (e.g. 1.2 visits/visitor) 
  • Pages – This is the number of pages that have been visited
  • Hits – This is the number of files contained in a webpage which are successfully downloaded to a visitor.  So for example, if a webpage has six images and plus one text file, and a visitor requests that page, that then this would account for seven hits for the site
  • Bandwidth – This is the total number of bytes (size) for pages, images and files downloaded by visitors browsing on your site

Monthly History
This gives you a breakdown for the statistics throughout the course of the year, useful for comparing and contrasting between months

Days of Month
A breakdown of the visits, pages, hits and bandwidth for each day of the month so far

Days of Week
Shows the days of the week in the past month when there is the most activity on the site but only giving you pages, hits and bandwidth

Shows the hours of the day with most activity, giving the statistics on  pages, hits and bandwidth

Visitors' domains/countries (Top 10)
This shows which domain the visitors come from e.g. .com .net etc. If it’s from a particular country’s domain it appears with the country’s name and flag next to it, which can sometimes be very interesting (we’ve had visits in the past from Germany, Sweden, Spain, Canada, Australia and Thailand)

This shows the most popular hosts of visitors e.g., etc.

Robots are computer programs which search your website looking for information for search engines such as google, yahoo or, msn etc.

Visits duration
The amount of time users spend visiting the site

File Type
Analyses the types of files visitors have viewed

Pages – URL top 10
This lists the most popular pages on your site

Operating Systems
Shows which operating systems are used by people who have visited your site

Show which web browsers are used by people who have visited your site

Connect to site from
This shows where your site is being linked in from:

  • Direct address / Bookmarks – visits linked into your site from visitors bookmarks/ favourites or typed URL in
  • Links from a NewsGroup – visits from news groups
  • Links from an Internet Search Engine – links from a search engine, this lists the number of visitors you’ve had from different search engines
  • Links from an external page (other web sites except search engines) – from other websites which have a link to your site (or a page on your site)
  • Unknown Origin

Search Keyphrases (Top 10)
The most popular phrases that people use in search engines to find your website

Search Keywords (Top 10)
The most popular words that people use in search engines to find your website

Add to favourites (estimated)
– The percentage of people who visited your site and added one of your pages to their favourites/bookmarks

Saving Statistics

In order to save your stats using Internet Explorer:

  • Bring up the statistics page then using the browser toolbar select File - Save as.
  • This will bring up a popup menu which will give you the option to save your file. We recommend saving the stats as Web page html only, as this saves the page as single file and reduces it in size.

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