You can add some links to refer your users to sites that contain relevant information.

It's worth mentioning on the Links page that you cannot vouch for the quality of external sites, since even if they were of excellent quality when you looked at them, they may have changed subsequently.

Adding a link

  • From the Home page click Edit this page to arrive in the Content Management tab
    Choose the Applications tab
  • Scroll down to Useful Links
  • Click Enable
  • Under the heading Choose a URL for Useful Links click OK
  • You will now see various options.  To start using this page choose Manage this Application
  • You can change the title of the Application if you wish by clicking Edit
  • Enter the new Title and optionally a Description of the page
  • Click Save
  • You should see your new title displayed in the Side Map list
  • Click the Links tab
  • Choose the Add Link button
  • Enter the Title of the link and its URL (website address) into the relevant fields.  These are mandatory.  You can add a description if you wish.
  • Tick the box to have it open in a new window.  This is advisable so that people remain in your site when they close the linked site.
  • Click Save
  • Once you have more than one link you can choose where you want to place your link by clicking on one of the Place link here buttons
  • By selecting Edit, Move or Delete beside your links you can manage your page

Adding headers

  • To add categories to your links click Add Header
  • Enter the title of your Header (the description is optional).
  • Choose where you would like the Header to sit on the page by selecting one of the Place heading here buttons
  • Use the Edit, Move or Delete options to manage your headers

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